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Investigation of a computer will uncover factual information from deleted files which we will recover. Call us in Berkshire on 0118 9733 049 or contact us by email at

Computer forensics IT investigation

The process of a computer investigation wioll differ depending on the unit, however we are first likely to make a copy of the hard drive on whcih to do our forensic work, leaving the original unaltered

Once we have the cloned hard drive at our office we will set about rebuilding all files that have been deleted, establishing a timeline of events that is irrefutable evidence - showing everything the computer has been used for, downloaded images, email, videos and files of all formats. The results are downloaded to an external hard drive which you can then view in an easily readable format - or we can do the further examination of the machine's extrapolated past and present contents for you

Answers Investigation are different in that this work is conducted in-house, by our own people, rather than the process of contracting out conducted by most firms who claim they can handle the task. That means the information may be used in tandem with other aspects of investigation

Certainly the leading Detective Agency in Berkshire for this sort of investigation, feel free to contact us by telephone on 0118 9733 049 or as an initial enquiry by email

Corporate Investigation reading & Berkshire

Investigation for companies is a serious and complex business, whether the client is an SME or PLC, and we live up to the task

Private Investigation

Computers hold the secrets that your partner will not tell you - computer forensics can be the key to a personal investigation


Computer Forensics form a part of the many services such as serving legal papers that we provide for legal firms in Berkshire


Our forensic investigation functions extend beyond just computer investigation - we run a full fingerprint service in-house

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