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Berkshire Fingerprint services for evidence and for such as FBI identity checks or Police Clearance To make an appointment, telephone 0118 9733 049 or Email - we will come to you at your office for your convenience

Corporate Investigation Reading & Berkshire

We fingerprint for FBI identity checks and we fingerprint to obtain evidence in Investigation. Answers Investigation run everything in-house from lifting prints on-scene to chemically treating prints at our office


We are the most convenient providers in berkshire, attending at your office or venue to take prints for CFTC, FINRA, FBI & other applications Significantly cheaper than the Police and much more convenient, waiting times are minimal. We carry cards for all countries and will provide as many sets as are needed for each application at a single price


A dishonest employee will cause distrust and effect the morale of your organisation; fingerprint evidence is conclusive and irrefutable

Although a crime needs reporting to the Police, it may be that the action they can take is limited by time and resources. We do not have such restrictions


Malicious Mail is emotionally damaging and will play on the victim's mind, feeding the power and control of the perpetrator. Examining a piece of mail will often produce latent fingerprints, a conclusive piece of evidence

Corporate Investigation reading & Berkshire

Fingerprinting can be an important tool in an investigation on behalf of a company or organisation in support of other evidence

Private Investigation

Fingerprinting has many applications for personal clients, most notably in identifying the senders of malicious mail and threatening letters


Legal Fingerprint work is admissable as evidence and has been the principle evidence builder on many occasions

Private Investigator

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