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Skilled and experience Investigators of business and corporate issues. Telephone 0118 9733 049 and discuss any business matter, or email us at

Corporate Investigation Berkshire reading

Berkshire based Corporate Investigators for matters in Reading, Newbury, Bracknell, & Berkshire of employee misdemeanours, company fraud, investigation of computers, providing a professional solution to the more unusual business problems

Emplyee problems berkshire reading

The actions of an errant staff member, whether a sabotaging or long term sick employee, or a senior manager setting up in competion, can be extremely damaging to any business

surveillance berkshire reading

What is your staff member doing when they are not in the office and out on the road? Is the meeting they attending one they should be at? We use discreet surveillance to verify if you are being told the truth

computer investigation reading & Berkshire

Disseminating the files of a computer with interrogativeComputer forensics, first cloning the hard drive to retain the machine's integrity

tracing people Berkshire reading

Tracking down people is one of our specialities, with years of experience in finding the whereabourts of people around the world and in the UK


Using forensic fingerprinting fto identify a guilty party, or the sneder of malicious mail, as well as for FBI & other identity checks

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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