Personal Investigation

Sensitive handling of any personal investigation matter in Berkshire. Telephone 0118 9733 049 or email for further information

private Detective reading & berkshire

Discreet Personal Investigation

It is a hard thing to absorb when someone you trust betrays your trust; what i often most important is the information that will help you to make a considered decision of the future. Our investigative work will furnish you with facts rather than supposition

You can talk to us with and in confidence at any time. We will talk a matter through with you, suggest the action to take, and implement a plan accordingly

surveillance reading & berkshire

Surveillance needs to be discreet and unnoticed, particualrly in a sensitive personal investigation, a balance of discretion and getting the job done

computer investigation reading & berkshire

Given overnight access to a Computer or laptop we will make a copy of the hard drive and undelete alll files, restoring them to their original state

tracing people reading & berkshire

Finding a birth parent or an absent family member, our tracing services are second to none, far more than you can do on the Internet

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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